Kate Shaw

Kate works with acrylic paint, inks and other mediums. Her landscapes explore the sublime in nature adding to it a sense of toxicity and artificiality. “I am fascinated by the way the movement of the paint mimics something from the natural world such as a lava flow, a landslide, an avalanche” she says in her artist statement. “Within the dried paint pour I look for something that looks like a tree branch, a cliff or a mountain and then cut and collage the pieces. I use airbrush to achieve sky and watery effects and finally resin as a finishing surface.” (Kate Shaw, artist statement)

For other images her website is here

  1. rtcteech said:

    Live how ominous the iceberg is almost looks like a skull

  2. leifkhayyam said:

    I see.

  3. I love her work. She has an interesting process and I adore her bold color choices. Inspirational!

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