Ignacio Torres

Ignacio is from El Paso, Texas. He lives and works in New York. In the fall of 2010 he received his BFA in photography from the University of North Texas. With his photography he explores youth, identities and scientific theories and events, with the help of motions , gif animations and 3d effects.

His website, here

stellar by ignacio torres 1stellar by ignacio torres 2stellar by ignacio torres 3stellar by ignacio torres 4stellar by ignacio torres 5stellar by ignacio torres 6stellar by ignacio torres 7

  1. liarmydear said:

    Hi! First- i loove your blog! But how do you get those “moving” pictures? I cant figure it out:/


    • fedz86 said:

      Photoshop! I’m almost certain!

      • liarmydear said:

        ok! But how do you get them move on you blog?;)

      • fedz86 said:

        they move because internet recognise them as gifs

      • liarmydear said:


  2. keneilwewrote said:

    Reblogged this on Junglesisi's Blog and commented:
    Amazing; some things cannot be explained through word. Thank the Divine for photography!

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