Nathan Sawaya

Nathan’s love Lego so much that he start making serious sculptures with them. The results look just amazing. He accepts commissions from individuals, corporations, and … well just about anyone with a good idea!  He’s also available to design and build custom creations at events, photo shoots and conventions.

To get in contact with him here’s his website



  1. This is stunning. Utilizing the geometry of legos to bring a hard edge to the sculptural form. The content of the pieces is thought-provoking in itself. If you have the time or desire, I’d love to get a copy/description of what your thought process is behind the content of these pieces. Creative and beautiful in the use of space and familiarity.

  2. Nina the Heartbeat said:

    I do really enjoy your blog because I’m a person who’s constantly looking for art that makes me feel something and surprises me; you are good on making me easier this job and I think it’s very important that there’s people like you who cares so much about the art. That is the reason why I have nominated you to the Versatile Blog Award


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