Delaney Allen

With influences that comes from color theory, still life, Gerhard Richter, Abstractionism, Alfred Stieglitz’s Equivalents, various Flickr and Tumblr sites, Wolfgang Tillmans, military-sized smoke bombs, geometry, road movies and Terrence Malick, young american MFA photography student Delaney Allen has found throughout the lens his take on the world. “It’s an individualized vision on anything you want it to be. I like the idea that it’s my viewpoint and no one may ever see that same image out in the world again

(Delaney Allen)

  1. Absolutely love the rainbow ring on the clouds stunning shot

  2. Franca Blasone said:

    ..molto interessante

  3. imegafon said:

    I have never been this amazed with skills in colour before. So inspiring! I have mostly done very colorless paintings with black and white or very neutral colors, but this lit a fire to try out something new. Thank you so much for sharing, I will follow your blog. Keep it up!

    • fedz86 said:

      I try to post artist’s pieces that are not that famous yet

      • oh, OK well I guess he’s not that famous, because until I read your article I had no clue who he was. So thanks.

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