Jarek Puczel

Jarek is a Polish painter which is recently interested in the parallelism of the different realities, which are available simultaneously for certain events. In one layer he puts well-known and established experiences in the other layer he puts living thoughts and feelings that lead to new, more freely actions. you can get your hands on one of his paintings for something like 54$!! not bad!

more paintings here, or here


jarek puczel 1jarek puczel 2jarek puczel 3jarek puczel 4jarek puczel 5jarek puczel 6jarek puczel 7jarek puczel 8



  1. Bells said:

    This guy is good////. the LOVERS originals are amazing. All SOLD OUT though :(.

  2. creativetherapydesignstudio said:

    Definitely stands out from the pack! REally original

  3. First pic is outstanding!

    Visit me at theviri.wordpress.com
    I mostly write about trendy fashion shoes and glasses!
    You’re welcome! 🙂

  4. Incredible idea and marvelous execution. Definitely interested.

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