Carlie Trosclair

carlie trosclair 1carlie trosclair 2carlie trosclair 3carlie trosclair 4carlie trosclair 5carlie trosclair 6carlie trosclair 7carlie trosclair 8carlie trosclair 9

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  1. imegafon said:

    My first thought again is: how the heck do you dig your way to these amazing artists?
    I have again never seen anything like this before, I love it no less than your previous posts.

    Some of these are very dreamy, you can feel an almost unrealistically clear soft fabric feeling. I like that hallway especially, and the detail in the fabric on the least last photo. Again, colors are not to much, this artist know what hes doing.

  2. Corin said:

    WOW! I absolutely ADORE this! The texture, movement- everything. It truly takes my breath away. Thank you for sharing. I am truly inspired.

  3. Cerinthe said:

    Installation art is absolutely fascinating. It’s something I wish I could do…

  4. evokado said:

    Like water carved sandstone of southwestern canyons or seductive soft billows of arabian nocturnal tents…awesome that I saw some.

  5. Doris said:

    I love this blog so much I have nominated it for a Versatile Blogger Award (you don’t have to follow the rules I know some blogs do this kind of thing, is my way of saying thank you for the inspiration.)

    • fedz86 said:

      Thank you very much Doris!

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