Ros Verloop

Dutch artist Rosa has extended her body work with their Nylon sculptures.These textural pieces capitalize on the medium used: stockings, which are tucked and moulded to create a distinctly human-like figure. The colours of the nylon fortify the anthropomorphic qualities of the work, which is manipulated in an organic fashion with drawing pins to create something strangely exotic

Rosa verloop nylon sculptures

nylon sculptures by Rosa verloop

Rosa verloop nylon sculpture art


  1. Reblogged this on Paula Hoover Art and commented:
    I found these to be surreal and ghostly representations of the human form and I absolutely love their figurative nature. I really like the artist’s use of a common, almost forgotten, material to create something so alive!

  2. These are fascinating pieces, I find that there is something strangely melancholic about them. As if they know how strange they look and have resigned themselves to that whilst continuing to occupy themselves with everyday activities.

  3. Boy,thinks? said:

    So realistic, that’s insanity 🙂

  4. Great artist that I had the luck to work with from a distance.

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