In this series of drawings titled “parallel world”, young Chinese artist Na from Bejing, plays with time, seen as a continuously moving flat escalator, and different dimensions, which are independent from each other while represented at the same time. Na’s drawings are all made using a mix of pencils and few coloured ones.

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Clemens is currently based in Berlin, but he travels consistently leaving amazing installations wherever he goes. He creates sculpturally inspired installations in both public and interior environments utilizing found recycled ephemera as well as basic building materials. With a background in graffiti and studying as a graphic designer Behr has created a body of works in an architecturally deconstructionist style. His influences include origami, spontaneous chance and a deep interest in the environment his installations will be displayed.

clemens behr 1clemens behr 3clemens behr 4clemens behr 5clemens behr 6clemens behr 7clemens behr 8

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Dane Patterson received an MFA from School of Visual Arts in 2005. Prior to that he studied at Herron School of Art in Indianapolis. His inspiration comes from objects, such as old family photos and record sleeves. The time it takes to achieve photo realism heightens Patterson’s sense of intimacy with each object, and adds an aspect of severity to otherwise playful compositions

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dane patterson 1dane patterson 2dane patterson 3dane patterson 4dane patterson 5dane patterson 6dane patterson 7dane patterson 8


Selena is an american artist born in Maine. She moved to New York where she’s currently working as an artist. She often works with archival documents (illustrated histories, genealogies), since the history that we know, from herodotus onwards, is part real and part invented, she focus on historical documents for the stories that exist inside them: narratives of partially told or lost social histories.

This is a selection of drawings, if you want to see her collages and paintings you better visit her website here

selena kimball 1selena kimball 2selena kimball 3selena kimball 4selena kimball 5selena kimball 6selena kimball 7