Daniel has set up a long piece of rope which wants to represent a series of waves floating in the space, the rope, which creates the volume also simultaneously creates the sound by cutting through the air, making up a single element.  The interactive structure responds to movement in both a visual and an audible manner.

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Dutch artist Rosa has extended her body work with their Nylon sculptures.These textural pieces capitalize on the medium used: stockings, which are tucked and moulded to create a distinctly human-like figure. The colours of the nylon fortify the anthropomorphic qualities of the work, which is manipulated in an organic fashion with drawing pins to create something strangely exotic

Rosa verloop nylon sculptures

nylon sculptures by Rosa verloop

Rosa verloop nylon sculpture art


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“Gabriel Dawe was born in Mexico City where he grew up surrounded by the intensity and color of Mexican culture. After working as a graphic designer, he moved to Montreal, Canada in 2000 following a desire to explore foreign land. In search for creative freedom he started experimenting and creating artwork, which eventually led him to explore textiles and embroidery—activities traditionally associated with women and which were forbidden for a boy growing up in Mexico. Because of this, his work is subversive of notions of masculinity and machismo that are so ingrained in his culture. By working with thread and textiles, Dawe’s work has evolved into creating large-scale installations with thread, creating environments that deal with notions of social constructions and their relation to evolutionary theory and the self-organizing force of nature.”

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Korean artist Seo is interested in the human body, which he explores thought his sculptures. Human body cells  become metallic cells as all Seo’s sculptures are made with chains which are weld together,  the resulting pieces makes us think about connections between people, which are supposed to be placed on certain facets and coordinates no matter whether we want or not.
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Clemens is currently based in Berlin, but he travels consistently leaving amazing installations wherever he goes. He creates sculpturally inspired installations in both public and interior environments utilizing found recycled ephemera as well as basic building materials. With a background in graffiti and studying as a graphic designer Behr has created a body of works in an architecturally deconstructionist style. His influences include origami, spontaneous chance and a deep interest in the environment his installations will be displayed.

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Nathan’s love Lego so much that he start making serious sculptures with them. The results look just amazing. He accepts commissions from individuals, corporations, and … well just about anyone with a good idea!  He’s also available to design and build custom creations at events, photo shoots and conventions.

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