Jarek is a Polish painter which is recently interested in the parallelism of the different realities, which are available simultaneously for certain events. In one layer he puts well-known and established experiences in the other layer he puts living thoughts and feelings that lead to new, more freely actions. you can get your hands on one of his paintings for something like 54$!! not bad!

more paintings here, or here


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Zsolt is from Budapest, Hungary. His paintings are highly atmospheric and evoke the violent struggles of Hungary’s chequered past. Zsolt is inspired by  strongly narrative elements grounded in the context of his own personal experience and history, much of his painting is devoid of figuration and extraneous detail.

More Paintings, Here

zsolt bodoni 1zsolt bodoni 2zsolt bodoni 4zsolt bodoni 6zsolt bodoni 8



Scott Greenwalt was born in St. Louis, Missouri 1974. Currently lives and works in Oakland, California. In his paintings he depicts familiar forms such as human portraits and landscapes, which are transformed by a decadent mutation that will move further into chaos.

for more unsettling paintings go here
scott greenwalt 3scott greenwalt 4scott greenwalt 5scott greenwalt 8

Takanori was born in Yokohama, Japan. He studied Japanese traditional textiles and dyed clothing in Tokyo Zokei University. He became later a freelancer illustrator for Maze magazine. Now days he’s famous for creating astonishing mini buildings using mixed media such as Suiseki stones and paper taking inspirations by his fervid imaginations and from bonsai tree art. He is helped in the construction of these amazing small architectures by civil engineering Murakami which shares with him a passion for Art.

Kate works with acrylic paint, inks and other mediums. Her landscapes explore the sublime in nature adding to it a sense of toxicity and artificiality. “I am fascinated by the way the movement of the paint mimics something from the natural world such as a lava flow, a landslide, an avalanche” she says in her artist statement. “Within the dried paint pour I look for something that looks like a tree branch, a cliff or a mountain and then cut and collage the pieces. I use airbrush to achieve sky and watery effects and finally resin as a finishing surface.” (Kate Shaw, artist statement)

For other images her website is here

Alessandro lives in Milan where he produces his marvellous paintings. This selection comes from a series of pictures, which are inspired by a certain genre of movies, Horror, Noir or as we say in italy “poliziesco”. Some of them have a black stripe on the bottom with the title wrote in white, almost as they were movie posters.  The paintings all share a unique atmosphere which is enhanced by the artist original practice of disfeature the faces and the body characteristics of the people portrayed.

If you want to put your hands on one of his works you can go on the saatchi website and purchase them! fair prices i think!