Hideyuki  is mainly known for his photographs, the lucky people out there that went to “Out Of Focus” exhibition at Saathci Gallery in London know what I mean. but this time Hideyuki changes medium, creating incredible halftone photographs by drilling hundreds of small holes at variable widths into sheets of aluminum! Impressing!Hideyuki Sawayanagi sculpture metal halftone faces

Hideyuki Sawayanagi sculpture metal halftone faces

Hideyuki Sawayanagi sculpture metal halftone faces

Hideyuki Sawayanagi sculpture metal halftone faces


Without the use of post-production manipulation, Rogers’ works are made in-camera, on the spot, in water and at night. She applies her technique to bodies submerged in water during tropical nights in Hawaii. Through a fragile process of experimentation, she builds elaborate scenes of coalesced colours and entangled bodies that exalt the human character as one of vigour and warmth, while also capturing the beauty and vulnerability of the tragic experience that is the human condition.

Lauren explore every day objects and routines in her flat landscapes. A simple object as a banana or a plastic cup is treated with a graphic playfulness that celebrates the beauty of simplicity trough flat colours and geometric forms, which at first appear to be 3D, before verging to the surreal.

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Nika Nika is a graphic designer and photographer born in the netherlands. She later moved to London with a HSP Talent Grant from the Dutch Government to take a Masters in Image and Communication at Goldsmiths, which she completed with a Distinction.
In this series, that represents the nature of the welsh country side,  the camera has been used to capture an image within a frame, probing its depths through geometric forms and helping her to explore the digital side of the medium and play with it. A visual and poetic reflection on contemporaneity and on the conditioning of modern man, who looks everytime thought  the different windows of the digital world: the computer, the television, mobile phone etc.
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Adam is one of the best wedding photographer you can find in England. This lot comes from  the trip that the photographer did together with the bride in order to document her arrival at the venue. The unconventional style, eye for details and talent to narrate a story are the essential characteristics that inspire me when I look at his photographic work.

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Matt was Born 1990 in Philadelphia. He now lives between Rochester and New York. When Matt talks about his collages he says that mostly is all about aesthetics. Wisniewski has created a particularly successful iteration by overlaying portraits with organic patterns—from flowers to jagged peaks to a Rorschach blot. He came to the combination through experimentation. “It just sort of clicked,” he says. “Natural elements tend to be a little simpler and fit together a bit more obviously with the portraits than urban elements.”

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