Peter is a graphic design genius working  under the label The Luxury Of Protest. This piece is entitled “Everyone ever in the world” and it’s a visual representation of the number of people who have lived versus the one who have been killed in wars, massacre and genocide during the recorded history of humankind. Death is represented by the empty circles, the ones at the top represent the number of conflicts per millennium with more than 1000 deaths, and the circle of text lists them by name. The gaping hole in the center represents every person who died in a major war, genocide, or massacre: approximately 969 million people, or 1.25% of the total number of people who have ever lived on the planet. The total number of people to have lived was estimated through exponential regression calculations based on historical census data and known biological birth rates.


Young Lithuanian Film-maker Gerda explores different realities and worlds through her short movies. Representing different worlds, that look like surreal dreams, people, objects and symbols are unexpectedly  juxtaposed in order to bring that feeling of unexpected which leaves the observer  with fragments of clues ready to be solved.

her vimeo channel here

Daniel has set up a long piece of rope which wants to represent a series of waves floating in the space, the rope, which creates the volume also simultaneously creates the sound by cutting through the air, making up a single element.  The interactive structure responds to movement in both a visual and an audible manner.

His website here

Lauren explore every day objects and routines in her flat landscapes. A simple object as a banana or a plastic cup is treated with a graphic playfulness that celebrates the beauty of simplicity trough flat colours and geometric forms, which at first appear to be 3D, before verging to the surreal.

Her website here

After graduating from the Berlin University of the Arts in Visual Communication/Digital Media, Maiko has been working as an independent art director and image-maker since 2003.

The synthesis of diverse backgrounds is reflected in her expertise: she manufactures contemporary media beyond rigid disciplines, combining sculpting, 3D modeling, illustration and ideation for editorials, animations, spatial media and interactive environments.

Her website here

Nika Nika is a graphic designer and photographer born in the netherlands. She later moved to London with a HSP Talent Grant from the Dutch Government to take a Masters in Image and Communication at Goldsmiths, which she completed with a Distinction.
In this series, that represents the nature of the welsh country side,  the camera has been used to capture an image within a frame, probing its depths through geometric forms and helping her to explore the digital side of the medium and play with it. A visual and poetic reflection on contemporaneity and on the conditioning of modern man, who looks everytime thought  the different windows of the digital world: the computer, the television, mobile phone etc.
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Ethan received his B.A. from Carleton College and his M.F.A from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He shows his work nationally and internationally.  His works must be seen within the context of collaboration.  Ethan works with others whose ideas and contributions influence, inform and guide his natural talent.

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